Top 3 Places to Shop For a New Fall Wardrobe

It’s September! You know what that means. Leaves falling. Pumpkin spice takeover. Hoodie season. If you want to find some clothes that match the change in season, here are the top 3 locally owned boutiques to find a killer wardrobe at killer prices:

1. B. Loved

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This little boutique is located in the heart of downtown Canton, GA on main street to be exact.

It is owned by a Canton local that goes by the name Mandy. Mandy has been in the fashion industry for 5 years now. She even has a Bachelors Degree of Fine Arts in Fashion Marketing. This lady really knows her stuff!

You can tell the owner knows exactly what girls want. This shop is perfect for those who are looking to be comfy and stylish at the same time. B. Loved offers everything from dresses to boots, tank tops to bracelets, and so much more. They even sell signature scents and candles!

The clothing offered at this boutique is very country comfy. You could say its country chic! The entire store has a rustic feel to it that matches the clothing.

Prices for these clothing items are completely affordable, too! So if you’re looking for a place that doesn’t drain your wallet, B. Loved is the boutique for you.


2. Indigo and Oak

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If you’re looking for something a little more stylish and unique, Indigo and Oak is the right boutique for you.

The ladies who own the store describe their clothing as a mix of rustic and bohemian style. They are a mother-daughter duo who turned their dreams into a reality. They personally designed and decorated everything in the store.

Something interesting about the shop is that clothing is not the only thing they sell. Indigo and Oak also sells home decor, too!

Items such as barn doors and furniture made out of reclaimed wood are items that are available to purchase at this boutique. The wood used on their home decor comes from reclaimed barn wood from across the U.S. What could be cooler than having your own personalized piece of furniture for your home?

Just like B. Loved, the prices at this boutique are nothing short of affordable . The ladies who own Indigo and Oak know that money doesn’t grow on trees. So why should you have to spend hundreds of dollars to be in style?

Indigo and Oak is the perfect boutique to find clothing and home decor to fit your fall needs!

3. Urban Secrets Boutique

Urban Secrets Boutique

Urban Secrets Boutique is located a little ways from downtown Canton on Hickory Flat Highway.

The clothes at this shop are comparable to other trendy boutiques price-wise. They offer clothing from sizes small to 3XL at cheap prices. It won’t break the bank to buy a new fall wardrobe here!

This store is also owned by a mother-daughter duo. Their main goal is to end body-shaming! They want everyone to feel beautiful and comfortable in their own skin. In order to do this, they sell unique and different clothing items for all body types.

You’ll feel great about yourself after buying your fall wardrobe from this boutique! This store also sells home goods like picture frames and pillows. So when you’re in their shopping for accessories for yourself, you can also shop for accessories for your home.

The clothing sold at this boutique could be classified as southern sassy. They sell a lot of flirty dresses and sassy tops. Anyone can look beautiful with clothing from this store.



Author: locallycanton

I am a senior Communications major at Reinhardt University. I enjoy bacon and Disney.

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