Experience Stout’s Growlers

A growler is a jug that is commonly used to transport draft beer. In downtown Canton, there is a place called Stout’s Growlers where you can purchase your own growler. Here, the experience is like no other. From the atmosphere to the location to the beer, this growler will make you want to come back for more. So, lets experience Stout’s Growlers!

stout-4First walking in, you might meet any of these friendly faces. These are the owners of the business: the Stouts and the Pujols. Their warm personalities make you feel right at home. They can assist your craft beer needs in any way, shape, or form.


taps-for-webAfter meeting the neighbors, its time to choose which draft beer is your favorite. There are LOTS to choose from. The owners graciously allow a sampling of up to 4 different types of craft beer before buying a growler.


After you’ve decided which craft beer is the right one for you, its time to buy the growler! These growlers are unique to this business. Just look at the logo!


o-2If you want, you can also choose a colored aluminum cap for your own personal growler. These caps are brought all the way from Portland, Oregon. After the cap is put on, all the hard work is done!


Anniversary.JPGYou can drink in the store or take it home with you! Whatever you choose, you’re sure to get a taste of some of the best craft beer in town. Cheers!


Photo Sources: http://stoutsgrowlers.com/Index.html and https://www.yelp.com/biz_photos/stouts-growlers-canton




Author: locallycanton

I am a senior Communications major at Reinhardt University. I enjoy bacon and Disney.

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