Map: 3 Locally Owned Restaurants to Try in Canton, GA

Food is one of the most important things of life. Why not try something new for a change? These 3 locally owned restaurants will satisfy even the the toughest critics. They’re located in different parts of town, so visiting them will be like a fun adventure. Without further ado, let the tasting begin!

1. Riverstone Corner Bistro

This family owned and operated restaurant is in the heart of Canton, GA. It’s also known as RCB to the locals that live nearby. Inside the restaurant, a family-friendly environment is waiting for you. Patrons drink out of mason jars and the staff treats you like family. Outside on the patio, a fireplace greets you with warmth while you’re enjoying a craft beer or margarita.

RCB prides itself on excellent guest service and quality food. They offer a little bit of everything on their menu from seafood to steak to dessert. Lunch is served all day and dinner starts at 4 pm. RCB offers specials Monday thru Saturday. The bistro is closed on Sunday.

As for entertainment, RCB offers live music starting at 6:30 on Fridays and Saturdays. They also have monthly beer and wine tastings.

RCB has grown in popularity since their opening in 2009, so its best to make a reservation if you plan on visiting them for dinner. This country chic restaurant has a great atmosphere, friendly staff, and food that will want you coming back time and time again. So next time you’re hungry for some good country cooking, stop in to RCB.

2. Downtown Kitchen

“We have one goal in mind when we open our doors at Downtown Kitchen every day-to do whatever it takes to create the best dining experience possible.”

This quote stated above came directly from the Downtown Kitchen website. Downtown Kitchen, or DK as they call themselves, strives to give each and every customer the best experience when they walk through their doors. Customer service is extremely important to the staff at DK.

Downtown Kitchen prides themselves in their featured special which changes everyday. Like RCB, Downtown Kitchen offers a variety of food choices on their “all-American” menu. They also are known for their specialty cocktails and wide variety of wine and beer.

The atmosphere at Downtown Kitchen is much different than RCB. The restaurant is located in downtown Canton near other shops and restaurants. Inside, the kitchen is open for guests to watch the chefs cook. The tables and booths are close together, but no one feels squished. DK feels much more refined than the country chic atmosphere of RCB.

The friendly staff is open to making your dining experience the best in any way they can. The chefs assist in this by going around to each table and checking on the progress of the meal.

Downtown Kitchen suggests recommendations. So if you’re in the mood for some casual talk and fantastic food, Downtown Kitchen is the place to be.

3. The Butcher and the Bottle

The Butcher and the Bottle is a restaurant and pub located on Sixes Road in Canton. The two owners, Seth Hendricks and John Bertrand, are also chefs in the restaurant. Both men have professional backgrounds in food and decided to pursue their dreams and own a restaurant.

The building is separated into three different spaces: the butcher, the bottle, and the patio. The butcher is all about the dining experience. The bottle is a separate area than the butcher that is used for socialization and entertainment with comfy chairs and widescreen TVs. The patio is open on sunny days when people can just kick back and relax surrounded by family, food, and fun.

The Butcher and the Bottle’s menu is different than any other menus available. They serve normal, everyday burgers and sandwiches and unique items such as goat cheese chicken and a three course vegetarian meal. The Butcher and the Bottle offers food that you cannot find anywhere else.

If you need a space to rent out for a party or just a fun get-together, the bottle section of the building is available. They also have a food truck for catering parties in your own backyard or at an office party.

The Butcher and the Bottle is the ultimate fun stop. So visit them one weekend and experience the laid-back and unique experience that can only be offered by the guys at The Butcher and the Bottle.


Author: locallycanton

I am a senior Communications major at Reinhardt University. I enjoy bacon and Disney.

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