Do No Harm: The Vox Case Study


Across the country, patients are being treated through the use of central line catheters. Central line catheters are small tubes that run straight to the heart. These tubes deliver medication that is distributed straight into the bloodstream. The problem with these life-saving devices is that many catheters become infected, thus infecting the patient. There are solutions to this problem, so why are they still occurring?

captureThe article entitled Do No Harm addresses this question. It comes from a series from Vox that investigates fatal medial harm. The article itself answers many questions about how cases of infected catheters can be resolved. However, for this particular case study, the format and elements of the story are what makes this article interesting.

GOAL: This case study aims to evaluate the effectiveness of the article in terms of getting its point across in the format it was presented. 

Text Formatting

Text formatting is one of the first features that audiences notice about a story. It can either make or break the entire story. If the text format does not appeal to readers in the beginning, many will stop reading altogether.

For this particular story, Vox chose to use the style of “chunking” says this about the definition of chucking: “when you chunk text, you break down what may have started as one really long article into smaller, manageable, more easily understood blocks of text. Your goal should be to create chunks of information that can stand on their own, but that also fit within the larger context of your website”.

Chunking looks like this:  capture1

In the case of Do No Harm, chunking was an absolute necessity. There were many parts to the overall story. Breaking down the text made the entire story easier to read.

Do No Harm is formatted similarly to Capture3.PNGBoth stories are longer in length. Both stories breakdown the overall story into much smaller stories. Overall, both stories use chunking to their advantage. Without chunking, these stories would be almost un-readable.

The author also included quotes from the story in large, highlighted letters.


This small touch added so much to the overall story. These quotes were main points that the author wanted to emphasize. They also broke up long chunks of text that could have gotten boring to read. The quotes gave the audiences’ eyes a break.

Use of Pictures, Videos, and Audio

The use of pictures, videos, and audio is not a new concept in storytelling. Pictures, videos, and audio enhance the story. They give the story a visual to help audiences along.

For this story, the use of pictures and videos was well done. For many stories, less is more. Do No Harm applied this concept to the story and it worked quite well. The story began with two pictures of catheters. Over the course of the story, the author included videos, GIFs, links to a photo essay, and other pictures. The audience never felt overwhelmed by the amount of media placed in the story. It was all placed strategically to help further the story.


The photo essay was a “behind the scene” look at the making of Do No Harm. Although it was not an integral part of the story, it did enhance the overall feeling of the story. Audiences went on a different journey with the author in the photo essay. The story became more emotional after going through the photo essay. You felt like you were going through the project with the author. The addition of the photo essay was a great addition. The photo essay did its job.



The one single GIF that was used in the story was cool, to say the least. The GIF was basically a video showing readers how a catheter works. Obviously, there is great part of the U.S. population that is not knowledgeable in the medical field. This awesome little feature helped explain a crucial part of the story. For those of us who like visuals, this GIF was the perfect addition to the story.


Maps are tools that storytellers use when they want to give a visual representation to data. Some maps are plain. Others are interactive and exciting. Some stories crave maps. Others are fine without the use of maps.

The use of a map in this story was borderline genius. Audiences did not expect a map to be placed in the middle of the story, yet there it was. What made the map better were the features on it. You could click the map and check your local hospitals to see how often catheter infections occurred. You could even filter the hospitals by rate and cases/days.

This interactive map was very similar to the interactive map used by the Washington Post in their investigations of homicides. It also had features that allowed users to filter their searches and zoom into the map to get a better look at the location.

Social Media

Many stories online now include different types of social media. Some include links to Facebook sites or embedded tweets. Some stories are desperate for the use of social media; others not so much.

Do No Harm did not integrate social media into the story as one of its main sources for storytelling. However, it did use social media once and that seemed to be enough. After the introduction story was told, a YouTube video was available to be watched. This video was basically the entire Do Not Harm story condensed into an eleven minute video. The YouTube video dug deeper into the emotions of the family who was at the center of this story. Capture5.PNG

Although this YouTube video was just one small piece of the story, it did gives audiences a second option for learning about the story. The video gave a wonderful recap of what the entire written article was trying to say. If you did not want to spend time reading, you could watch the story in video form. For those who watched the video and read the story, the video gave life to the family that was involved. You heard the mother’s voice and watched home videos of the little girl who passed away. The YouTube video enhanced the story for those who did both.


Overall, I thought this article was very well written. The writing was easy to read and follow. There was a simplicity in the overall format of the article. Every now and then there would be a picture or a video, but it was not overwhelming like some stories. I think the simplicity of the story’s format was appealing.


Towards the end of the article, there was a side box with a link where healthcare professionals could share their stories with Vox. However, the link was broken. It led to a page that was out of order. This was a missed opportunity for Vox. The entire purpose of this article was to make the public aware of fatal medical harms that could be prevented. It would have been easy for someone to click the link and share their story with Vox. But because the link was broken, Vox is missing out on many people’s stories that could, ultimately, lead to a change in our hospitals.

In the end, I truly enjoyed reading and evaluating this article. It was interesting both in content and in format. If I have learned one lesson from this case study, it is this: less is more when it comes to storytelling.


Live Blog of the Second Presidential Debate

The second presidential debate in 2016 is held at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. This debate is in a town hall format, where candidates answer questions from the audience and from online. The candidates face off with each other to try to win over America.



“Do you feel you’re modeling appropriate and positive behavior for today’s youth?”- The first question asked in the debate


Donald Trump says he is not proud of “locker room talk”. Denies allegations that he ever participated in the things he bantered about.


“What we all saw and heard on Friday was Donald talking about women, what he thinks about women, what he does to women. And he has said that the video doesn’t represent who he is.” -Hilary Clinton


Trump brings up Bill Clinton’s notorious past and attacks Hilary’s involvement in one of her client’s cases.


Clinton demands an apology from Trump on President Obama’s behalf. According to Clinton, Trump never apologized to the Gold Star Family, the federal judge in Indiana, and the reporter he mimicked.


“But when you talk about apology, I think the one that you should really be apologizing for and the thing that you should be apologizing for are the 33,000 e-mails that you deleted, and that you acid washed, and then the two boxes of e-mails and other things last week that were taken from an office and are now missing.” -Donald Trump



Fact-checking is an agreeable point by both Clinton and Trump. Both candidates believe the other needs to be fact-checked to prove their point is valid.


Audience member Ken Karpowicz asks the candidates how they will make Obamacare coverage more affordable and overall better.


“Obamacare is a disaster. You know it. We all know it.” -Donald Trump


3 Accounts to Follow When You Want to Look and Feel Your Best

Feeling a little down lately? Want to change your look?  Follow these 3 accounts to be in the know when you just need a day out to yourself:

1. Autumn Joy Salon

Fall is coming! If you’re ready for a new look, at least with your hair, Autumn Joy Salon is a great choice! Follow Autumn Joy Salon on Instagram to see the latest hair transformations from one of their very own stylists.

2.Bloom Hair Design

Bloom Hair Design is another option for trendy salons in the Downtown Canton area. Like their page on Facebook to get the latest news on products coming into the store and new job opportunities!

3. Practically Perfect Day & Spa

Need a spa day with the girls or just a day to yourself? Mosey on down to Practically Perfect Day & Spa in Downtown Canton. Follow their Twitter to get updates on changes to the spa and everyday deals. You can even get to know your staff! Like Sasha…

Map: 3 Locally Owned Restaurants to Try in Canton, GA

Food is one of the most important things of life. Why not try something new for a change? These 3 locally owned restaurants will satisfy even the the toughest critics. They’re located in different parts of town, so visiting them will be like a fun adventure. Without further ado, let the tasting begin!

1. Riverstone Corner Bistro

This family owned and operated restaurant is in the heart of Canton, GA. It’s also known as RCB to the locals that live nearby. Inside the restaurant, a family-friendly environment is waiting for you. Patrons drink out of mason jars and the staff treats you like family. Outside on the patio, a fireplace greets you with warmth while you’re enjoying a craft beer or margarita.

RCB prides itself on excellent guest service and quality food. They offer a little bit of everything on their menu from seafood to steak to dessert. Lunch is served all day and dinner starts at 4 pm. RCB offers specials Monday thru Saturday. The bistro is closed on Sunday.

As for entertainment, RCB offers live music starting at 6:30 on Fridays and Saturdays. They also have monthly beer and wine tastings.

RCB has grown in popularity since their opening in 2009, so its best to make a reservation if you plan on visiting them for dinner. This country chic restaurant has a great atmosphere, friendly staff, and food that will want you coming back time and time again. So next time you’re hungry for some good country cooking, stop in to RCB.

2. Downtown Kitchen

“We have one goal in mind when we open our doors at Downtown Kitchen every day-to do whatever it takes to create the best dining experience possible.”

This quote stated above came directly from the Downtown Kitchen website. Downtown Kitchen, or DK as they call themselves, strives to give each and every customer the best experience when they walk through their doors. Customer service is extremely important to the staff at DK.

Downtown Kitchen prides themselves in their featured special which changes everyday. Like RCB, Downtown Kitchen offers a variety of food choices on their “all-American” menu. They also are known for their specialty cocktails and wide variety of wine and beer.

The atmosphere at Downtown Kitchen is much different than RCB. The restaurant is located in downtown Canton near other shops and restaurants. Inside, the kitchen is open for guests to watch the chefs cook. The tables and booths are close together, but no one feels squished. DK feels much more refined than the country chic atmosphere of RCB.

The friendly staff is open to making your dining experience the best in any way they can. The chefs assist in this by going around to each table and checking on the progress of the meal.

Downtown Kitchen suggests recommendations. So if you’re in the mood for some casual talk and fantastic food, Downtown Kitchen is the place to be.

3. The Butcher and the Bottle

The Butcher and the Bottle is a restaurant and pub located on Sixes Road in Canton. The two owners, Seth Hendricks and John Bertrand, are also chefs in the restaurant. Both men have professional backgrounds in food and decided to pursue their dreams and own a restaurant.

The building is separated into three different spaces: the butcher, the bottle, and the patio. The butcher is all about the dining experience. The bottle is a separate area than the butcher that is used for socialization and entertainment with comfy chairs and widescreen TVs. The patio is open on sunny days when people can just kick back and relax surrounded by family, food, and fun.

The Butcher and the Bottle’s menu is different than any other menus available. They serve normal, everyday burgers and sandwiches and unique items such as goat cheese chicken and a three course vegetarian meal. The Butcher and the Bottle offers food that you cannot find anywhere else.

If you need a space to rent out for a party or just a fun get-together, the bottle section of the building is available. They also have a food truck for catering parties in your own backyard or at an office party.

The Butcher and the Bottle is the ultimate fun stop. So visit them one weekend and experience the laid-back and unique experience that can only be offered by the guys at The Butcher and the Bottle.

Chart: Population Growth of Canton, GA

The population rise of Canton, GA can be attributed to the movement of people to the suburbs of Atlanta. More and more people over the last 20 years have wanted to live close to Atlanta, but not quite in Atlanta. This growth has affected the many towns on outskirts of Atlanta. It has brought many locally owned business to Canton like Stout’s Growlers or B. Loved. These businesses are blooming in a population that is continuously rising each day.

Experience Stout’s Growlers

A growler is a jug that is commonly used to transport draft beer. In downtown Canton, there is a place called Stout’s Growlers where you can purchase your own growler. Here, the experience is like no other. From the atmosphere to the location to the beer, this growler will make you want to come back for more. So, lets experience Stout’s Growlers!

stout-4First walking in, you might meet any of these friendly faces. These are the owners of the business: the Stouts and the Pujols. Their warm personalities make you feel right at home. They can assist your craft beer needs in any way, shape, or form.


taps-for-webAfter meeting the neighbors, its time to choose which draft beer is your favorite. There are LOTS to choose from. The owners graciously allow a sampling of up to 4 different types of craft beer before buying a growler.


After you’ve decided which craft beer is the right one for you, its time to buy the growler! These growlers are unique to this business. Just look at the logo!


o-2If you want, you can also choose a colored aluminum cap for your own personal growler. These caps are brought all the way from Portland, Oregon. After the cap is put on, all the hard work is done!


Anniversary.JPGYou can drink in the store or take it home with you! Whatever you choose, you’re sure to get a taste of some of the best craft beer in town. Cheers!


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Top 3 Places to Shop For a New Fall Wardrobe

It’s September! You know what that means. Leaves falling. Pumpkin spice takeover. Hoodie season. If you want to find some clothes that match the change in season, here are the top 3 locally owned boutiques to find a killer wardrobe at killer prices:

1. B. Loved

Image result for b. loved

This little boutique is located in the heart of downtown Canton, GA on main street to be exact.

It is owned by a Canton local that goes by the name Mandy. Mandy has been in the fashion industry for 5 years now. She even has a Bachelors Degree of Fine Arts in Fashion Marketing. This lady really knows her stuff!

You can tell the owner knows exactly what girls want. This shop is perfect for those who are looking to be comfy and stylish at the same time. B. Loved offers everything from dresses to boots, tank tops to bracelets, and so much more. They even sell signature scents and candles!

The clothing offered at this boutique is very country comfy. You could say its country chic! The entire store has a rustic feel to it that matches the clothing.

Prices for these clothing items are completely affordable, too! So if you’re looking for a place that doesn’t drain your wallet, B. Loved is the boutique for you.


2. Indigo and Oak

Image result for indigo and oak

If you’re looking for something a little more stylish and unique, Indigo and Oak is the right boutique for you.

The ladies who own the store describe their clothing as a mix of rustic and bohemian style. They are a mother-daughter duo who turned their dreams into a reality. They personally designed and decorated everything in the store.

Something interesting about the shop is that clothing is not the only thing they sell. Indigo and Oak also sells home decor, too!

Items such as barn doors and furniture made out of reclaimed wood are items that are available to purchase at this boutique. The wood used on their home decor comes from reclaimed barn wood from across the U.S. What could be cooler than having your own personalized piece of furniture for your home?

Just like B. Loved, the prices at this boutique are nothing short of affordable . The ladies who own Indigo and Oak know that money doesn’t grow on trees. So why should you have to spend hundreds of dollars to be in style?

Indigo and Oak is the perfect boutique to find clothing and home decor to fit your fall needs!

3. Urban Secrets Boutique

Urban Secrets Boutique

Urban Secrets Boutique is located a little ways from downtown Canton on Hickory Flat Highway.

The clothes at this shop are comparable to other trendy boutiques price-wise. They offer clothing from sizes small to 3XL at cheap prices. It won’t break the bank to buy a new fall wardrobe here!

This store is also owned by a mother-daughter duo. Their main goal is to end body-shaming! They want everyone to feel beautiful and comfortable in their own skin. In order to do this, they sell unique and different clothing items for all body types.

You’ll feel great about yourself after buying your fall wardrobe from this boutique! This store also sells home goods like picture frames and pillows. So when you’re in their shopping for accessories for yourself, you can also shop for accessories for your home.

The clothing sold at this boutique could be classified as southern sassy. They sell a lot of flirty dresses and sassy tops. Anyone can look beautiful with clothing from this store.